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You can stay healthy in public by adopting these health tips

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We need to take special care of our health while going anywhere in public. Because many people lead irregular lives, due to which many changes can be seen in their body. To stay healthy in this public, take care of these things:


Get into the habit of exercise: It is important to be healthy and full of energy to keep pace with today’s fast pace. What can be better than exercise for this? This not only helps in staying physically healthy, but also provides mental peace. According to a news published in ‘Lancet’, even just 15 minutes of exercise every day can increase your life by 3 years.

Keep food healthy: There is an old saying that food should be made into medicine. If you eat balanced and nutritious food regularly, you will not only avoid diseases, but will also remain healthy and energetic. Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and liquids in your food in proper quantity. Instead of eating mega miles three times a day, eat mini miles six times.

Remove stress: career and family responsibilities, work load, lack of time, increasing distance between relationships, loneliness and ambitions, most people are facing these situations today. Due to this, the level of stress in his life has increased significantly. It is having a negative effect on their physical-mental health and quality of life. Therefore, it is important to start the new year with the resolution that we will not stress on small matters.

Negative effects of stress : Stress increases the levels of many hormones in the body, of which adrenaline and cartisol are the main ones. These cause problems such as rapid heartbeat, slow digestion, impaired blood flow, disturbed functioning of the nervous system and weakened immune system.

Avoid fatal obesity: Obesity means increasing body fat due to excess body fat. The World Health Organization has included obesity among the top 10 health hazards. According to statistics, 10 percent of the population is obese.

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