Tips to Help You Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Website

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Website

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If you want to monetize your blog, buying a domain name is the foremost step. Or, if you want to start a blog, choosing the right domain name will leave a significant impact on your target audience as well as search engines. Domain name registrations have now become an easy process, and you must make the most of it.


Essential tips for buying a domain name

Finalise your niche.

This is important because websites that are built around a particular niche are considered to be high-quality content providers . Therefore, if you want to rank on search engines, work around finalizing your niche.

Chalking out a website or a blog around your niche is the first and the most crucial step.

Doing so will give a roadmap of how the audience would recognize your business as a brand.

Jot down all the possible creative names related to your niche.

Your domain name will represent your brand, businesses, and project. So keeping that in mind, try to write down all the words, descriptions, phrases, ideas, etc. related to your niche. You can even use a thesaurus if needed. At this stage, you do not need to worry about SEO or Keywords and mostly avoid using hyphens.

Pick the shortest and easy to remember domain name.

Now that you have the creative domain names list, you can create a more refined list of potential names. You should aim for a domain name that is short, easy to remember, and can be typed easily. Avoid using odd spellings, numbers, and other characters. The pronunciation of your domain name should be exactly how it should be searched for.

Also, try to avoid using names that have more than one spelling. This could confuse the audience who is searching for your business. Apart from these, you must definitely avoid using slang. The longer your domain is, the harder it will be for your audience to remember. Try using adjectives and verbs, as your domain name would tell the audience what your brand represents.

Check for domain name availability.

This is a very important step. It is usually assumed that a domain name only ends with a .com. But that is not quite right. You can also find your domain name with extensions like .net, .info, .org, etc. All you have to do now is type in the domain name along with the extension you would like in the browser and check its availability.

Here are a few points to consider in this step.

  • If you find that there is already an established website built on that domain name, then cross it off your checklist.
  • If no such websites turn up on the search, then keep that option open. It could be possible that that domain name is not yet registered.
  • If a landing page is in your search and it has ads, then the domain name is owned by someone, but it could be an acquisition target.
  • If the domain name you have searched for is on sale, then keep that option open and take note of the price if there is any.
  • You must also check the availability of that domain name on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc. 

Avoid Domain copyright issues.

Domain names are not subject to copyright laws, but trademark laws. Companies usually go after trademark infringements rather than copyright. The issue pertaining to domain names are regulated and governed by ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. For a detailed listing of the policies pertaining to domain dispute policies, you can visit the official ICANN website.

A domain name is mostly likely to lose the right of registration if there is any indication of the following.

  • The domain name is intentionally chosen even when it is similar to another domain name or trademark to create confusion in the minds of the consumer.
  • The domain name can be revoked if there is no business being carried under that name.
  • Neither you nor any other individual in your company carries a name that is similar or the same to the domain name.
  • You wish to sell that domain name to your competitors for financial gains.


The process of buying and registering a domain name is the easiest of all. The challenge is that of brainstorming creative and potential names, as well as using the right extension that just fits in. If you follow all the steps and tips discussed in the article, you will be able to find the right domain name in no time!

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