Top 10 Best Tips For the Mentally Weak

Mentally Weak

Mentally Weak Tip #1:

Make yourself strong, this is the first secret of the mentally handicapped. It should end here, but if you need more skills I will give you, but this is the first skill for all people who want to give up their intellectual weakness: make yourself more and more powerful until you reach the desired level. are being reached.

Mentally Weak Tip #2:

It takes patience, understanding and tolerance to grow from where you are. In fact, the combination of ‘tolerate yourself’ and ‘be patient with yourself’ is the second technique of this article, and it will be used throughout the article to help you develop strength, which is necessary for your mental and spiritual strength. to develop. power.

Mentally Weak Tip #3:

In my opinion and in reality, the mind and spiritual force are the real force. If not, I will not give a third tip: develop your total concentration. If you want to practice the first two skills completely and concisely, this is key.

Mentally Weak Tip 4: Stay alert.

However, what I mean by vigilance is not the accepted meaning of vigilance. What I mean is to focus in all situations and get nothing. The sins committed by today’s human civilization are simply self-evident. Instead of being “shocked” by bad things, pay more attention to good things and rule out more bad things.

Mentally Weak Tip #5:

develop yourself actively and attentively. Without your own development, the other techniques cannot be used here and there will be no growth at all.

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Mentally Weak Tip #6:

if you want to make full progress, you have to do it, and the technique is, be honest with yourself and don’t give back. Fear of being honest, especially being honest with yourself, is a form of frustration and quitting smoking. What you must and want to do in this regard is the most powerful thing you can do.

Mentally Weak Tip #7:

actually one of the best things about being honest with yourself: logical or consistent with yourself. At least it doesn’t make sense to me, I can’t do anything at all. As you know, my suggestions are becoming more and more important to the mind and spiritual strength as I write this article because mental weakness is in fact the ultimate bad and unfair mental and mental state. This is all without integration.

Mentally Weak Tip #8:

Maintain your integrity and don’t get discouraged, even if you have reasons to feel frustrated. Oh, I’m sure this is an advanced technique, but if you’ve practiced the rest of the techniques successfully, this technique should generally be relatively easy so if you’re ready to practice consistently and aren’t discouraged, read further.

Mentally Weak Tip #9:

Be creative in practicing all of the above techniques and adapt them to yourself. Obviously these techniques can be used for any role, but they can be used with them in a way that is in harmony with your mind, character and spirit, otherwise they are worthless to you except for “fancy words”. You must use the technique in a way that suits you.

Mentally Weak Tip #10

will include the following: The most powerful thing you can do is use your thoughts productively. The mind is like a muscle to be used, like a blacksmith’s arm, it grows stronger with use. Use your mind fully and effectively, and your spirit will grow stronger. Thoughts are spiritual energy, so if you grow enough, your mind will eventually grow spiritually stronger.

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