Simple and Effective Yoga Poses To Remove The Fat Around The Hips

Simple and Effective Yoga Poses To Remove The Fat Around The Hips

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Simple and Effective Yoga Poses To Remove The Fat Around The Hips


Nowadays, whoever he sees is upset with his obesity and this obesity is increasing due to his unhealthy lifestyle in people. If people resort to exercise or yoga to keep themselves healthy, then they can keep themselves healthy quite easily.

To do yoga or exercise, you should first know which part of the body is affected by obesity and then which exercise to do for that body part is right for you so that you can reduce obesity quickly.

Obesity increases rapidly on most thighs and hips. Because of which many people do not like themselves. Once the stomach and thigh fatness, then you can hide. But yoga is a great option to reduce obesity from the area of the hips.

In this article, today we are telling you how to reduce fat from the hips area through yoga asanas and how you can get proper shape by practicing these basic yogas.

Simple and Effective Yoga Poses To Remove The Fat Around The Hips.

Chair Pose

  1. This asana is very good for the hips and thigh.
  2. This affects all the muscles of the feet, which makes the muscles strong.
  3. In this posture, the position of sitting on an imaginary chair is made.
  4. The weight of the entire body is on the feet and hips.
  5. It tones the feet as well as the hips and also builds muscle.
  6. To perform this asana, first, stand upright on your mat.
  7. Now slowly bend your knees and come to the position of sitting on the chair.
  8. Now raise both your hands above your head and join them.
  9. Keep this position for some time and breathe slowly.
  10. If you are doing this asana for the first time, do not put too much emphasis on your body.
  11. Stay as long as you can and stay in this pose.
  12. If done regularly, the duration of doing this asana will increase gradually.

Warrior Pose

  1. By doing this asana, the feet and inner thigh, as well as the hips, are greatly affected.
  2. It is quite simple to do asana and to see.
  3. Along with this, it is considered very good for muscles and muscles.
  4. The best thing about this yoga posture is that at the same time, you have to do different types of exercises with both feet.
  5. So the muscles benefit greatly from this.
  6. To perform this asana, first, stand a distance between your two legs.
  7. Make a bit more distance in front and back.
  8. You rotate your back foot slightly and keep your front leg straight.
  9. Now bend your front leg slightly from the knees and be slightly down, as well as do not bend the back leg at all.
  10. Now raise both your hands in line with your shoulders and keep it straight.
  11. Keep this posture for a while and take long and deep breaths in this entire process. Then do this whole action from the other side.
  12. By doing this asana, your feet get quite a good stretching.

Lord of Dance Pose

  1. A very good posture is made in this asana.
  2. In this posture, both hands and legs are more stretched.
  3. By doing this mudra, both external and internal thigh remain healthy, and fat is reduced.
  4. The practice of this yoga asana greatly strengthens the muscles of the feet.
  5. This is a great yoga practice to create balance in the body.
  6. Because in its posture, the entire weight of the body is on one leg.
  7. Due to this, blood circulation in the feet remains correct.
  8. The posture of this asana is such that fat is reduced from the hips.
  9. To do this asana, stand upright on the mat.
  10. Now raise one of your legs backward and hold the paw of that leg with the hand of the side that has raised it.
  11. After that, bend your upper body forward. Do as much as you can, and do not lean too much forward.
  12. With the other hand raised upwards, with this hand make the position of Jnana Mudra.
  13. Keep this posture for a while and breathe slowly and deeply throughout the action.
  14. Now do this whole action with the other leg.

Camel Pose

  1. This asana is an excellent asana for pectoral and hip flexors.
  2. It will tone the hips and thigh soon.
  3. With this, this asana works for the front part of the body.
  4. To perform this asana, first, sit on your mat in the state of Vajrasana.
  5. Now stand on your knees.
  6. After this, bend backward and hold the heels of your feet with both your hands.
  7. Your face should be skyward.
  8. Maintain this state according to your ability.
  9. Take a breath slowly in this whole action.

Cobbler Pose

  1. This is a very effective yoga asana for the hips opener.
  2. It is also able to keep the inner thigh in tone.
  3. By doing this Yogasana, both the hips and thighs remain in shape.
  4. Sit on your mat to do this asana.
  5. Then bend your legs from the knees in such a way that you can connect the two legs and the claws of your two legs in the center.
  6. Hold both your legs with your hands.
  7. Also, keep in mind that your back and spine should be straight.
  8. Maintain this state for a while.

In this article, which yoga asana should you do for your known hips opener today? All the Yoga Asanas given in the article above are quite effective and effective. Apart from the Yogasanas above

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