Learn How To Turn Your Photos Into WhatsApp Stickers

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Facebook-owned highly popular messaging platform WhatsApp has been introducing cool and interesting features one after the others in recent times. The recent feature which has been winning the hearts is the stickers. The stickers are the most awaited feature in WhatsApp that various other of its competitors have but it lacks. Finally, WhatsApp has stickers now.


WhatsApp after installing the latest update will add some of the few stickers packs by default and you can even download the third-party sticker packs from the play store. WhatsApp even allows its users to create their very own custom stickers using their pictures

Creating Custom WhatsApp stickers

  • As a first step, make sure you are having the latest version of the WhatsApp application installed on your device
  • Now just click pictures by making the expressions you want
  • Then convert the pictures into .png format with no background. You can do this by using any background eraser application of your choice. There are many such applications available online
  • Get the Background Eraser application downloaded and installed on your Android device
  • Open the application and now select the picture you have clicked earlier which you wish to convert into stickers
  • Now erase the background from the image by using magic or manual tool
  • Then crop the image and make it look like a sticker
  • Finally, save the image in the .png format as WhatsApp supports PNG format for stickers
  • Create a minimum of three such personalized stickers as WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to add sticker packs with less than three pictures
  • Now head to the Google play store and download the Personal Stickers for WhatsApp
  • Now when you open the application, the app will automatically detect all the personalized stickers that you have created
  • Then tap on the add button next to the stickers
  • Then tap on add again when a pop up asks you
  • You are done with the setup, now just close everything and open the chat window in the WhatsApp application and click on the smiley icon
  • Now tap on the stickers icon and then tap on your photo to find the stickers you have created
  • You can send them to your dear ones from now on

Isn’t it a cool way to communicate. Just try these and make your conversations more fun-filled.

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