Health Tips 8 Tips to avoid touching your face

Health Tips: 8 Tips to avoid touching your face?

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Tips to avoid touching your face

We all are in the habit of touching our faces every few minutes. It is an involuntary action that is very easy to advise others and very difficult to implement. What will you do? If any infectious disease can enter our body merely by touching your face.


The best practice is to wash hands more often as it is a natural tendency of people to touch their faces or look for getting adopt to new habits rather than focusing on the old one. If you think about something, you will certainly do it more.

How infectious disease enters our body.

The infectious disease enters our body by touching the external organs of our body like eyes, nose, and mouth.

It gives way to bacteria and viruses on our hands to enter our bodies.

Here are the tips on how to avoid touching your face so frequently –

1) Observe yourself when you touch your face.

2) Identify the reason for touching your face. Is it because of itching, or adjusting your hairs away from your face? The best way for these purposes is to use the backside of your arms, or you can also make the use of the pen for it, which you sanitize often. You can also make the use of tissue paper for it.

3) Divert yourself into other work when you feel the urge to touch your face when you are in stress or to control your sudden emotions.

4) Keep in mind. It is the only way to protect you and your family members.

5) By using the face mask, lessen the probability of touching our face. It makes it hard for us to reach those organs easily when they are covered.

6) Those who touch their eyes now and then can wear sunglasses.

7) By keeping your hands busy in the activity like fidget spinning.

8) You can wear gloves. It also reduces your tendency to touch your face so often.

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