Health Care Tips Monsoon Healthcare Tips for Moms

Health Care Tips: Monsoon Healthcare Tips for Moms

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Many women may have discomfort during pregnancy, especially in the monsoon months.  Along with gloomy clouds, rain also brings with it a host of recent epidemics of mosquito-borne infections, viral and bacterial diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, flu, typhoid, hepatitis and Nippa. These diseases are more severe in pregnant women due to their low immunity, leading to increased bleeding tendency, multi-organ issues, ICU admission and premature delivery.


Here are some ways to enjoy the rain when you are expecting.

* It is necessary to remain hydrated even during the rains.A drop in temperature may reduce your desire to drink more fluids, but maintaining a good hydration is essential to beat humidity, relieve headaches, and relieve fatigue associated with dehydration.

* It is not uncommon to eat a particular type of food during pregnancy.  It is best to avoid raw vegetables in your salads and raw meat, eggs and seafood during pregnancy.  Eat a balanced diet rich in fiber and protein to stay healthy.  There is no substitute for home-cooked meals because you are aware of the level of ingredients and hygiene during preparation. Avoid stagnant water in your home and garden as they breed mosquitoes that spread malaria and dengue.

* Loose-fitting full-length comfortable cotton clothing will provide protection from mosquitoes and help to beat humidity.  Avoid wearing synthetic clothes and tight clothes as they can cause discomfort and rashes.
* Hand hygiene and clean drinking water protects against water borne diseases such as hepatitis A, E and typhoid;  Some of which can be fatal for a pregnant woman.  Washing your hands several times a day before each meal and later using the toilet with clean water is an essential part of good hand hygiene.
* Pregnancy-safe medications require immediate attention and treatment to avoid complications due to mother and unborn child in pregnancy with fever or common cold.

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