Health Care 5 Side Effects Of Using Multani Mitti

Health Care: 5 Side Effects Of Using Multani Mitti

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Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth is one of the most popular ingredients known for its medicinal and cosmetic benefits. It was originally used for cleaning industrial impurities due to its high potency to absorb excess oil and grease. Multani Mitti gets its name from the place of origin “Multan”, in Pakistan. The clay was naturally available in abundant quantities and has an array of benefits for the hair and skin.


Multani Mitti is made with fine silicates and many minerals. It renders an elastic texture when mixed with water and can be used to attain beautiful, smooth and shiny hair.

Some people also consume Multani mitti internally to treat certain ailments like acidity. However, the question of Multani Mitti side effects will be discussed in detail in the article.

  • Along with the many benefits, there are several Multani mitti face pack side effects of which you should be aware.
  • Be careful never to ingest Multani mitti. It should only be used externally. If ingested, Multani mitti can give rise to kidney stones and also block your intestines.
  • Do not use Multani mitti directly on open wounds. This is not recommended. You can apply it over a pimple that is not yet burst, as Multani mitti is very efficient when it comes to sucking out excess oil. If applied over open wounds, Multani mitti can enter the bloodstream and cause issues.
  • Never use Multani mitti packs on the areas around your eyes. This is the most sensitive on your face and can dry out very easily, causing premature wrinkles.
  • It is suggested not to wash your face with soap after using a Multani mitti pack, as you may experience adverse reactions, beginning with itching. If you feel the need to use soap after using a Multani mitti pack, use a gentle face wash only and rub your face gently don’t rub hard.

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