Cat Eye Health Care Tips

Cat Eye Health Care Tips

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Cat-eye health is very important to the health of cats. That’s why it’s very important to keep an eye on the health of the cat’s eyes and take immediate action when you realize there might be a problem. Use the following tips and see your vet if the problem persists or is severe.


Keep cat eyes healthy

A reliable way to ensure that the health of the cat’s eyes does not become a problem is to keep the cat neat and clean. Pay attention to some of these items to help prevent cat eye health problems.

Gently clean the cat’s eyes to keep their eyes away from mucus.

-You should use a neutralizing ointment before bathing, treating fleas, or doing anything that could allow chemicals to get into the cat’s eyes.

Keep the cat’s eyes clear, especially for long-haired breeds such as Persians.

-Clean the tear-stained fur around the eyes.

Signs of cat eye health problems

Healthy cat eyes are always moist and clear. If you notice any of the following it could be a health problem.

-Red inner eyelid

-The third eyelid wanders and / or stays on the eyes

-Abnormal discharge or substance in the eyes or corner of the eyes

Excessive tears and / or excessive tears

Clean cat eyes

Dilute some baby shampoo with a solution of 1 part shampoo and 20 parts water. Use a cotton ball, gauze pad, or cotton swab dipped in this solution to gently massage the eyeball to wipe away any residue or dust. Clean the edges of the eyes thoroughly. After thoroughly cleansing the area, wipe the shampoo with clean water and cotton balls or gauze.

If any residue remains in the eyelid itself, add sterile normal saline eye drops from the top of the eye and gently remove with a tissue or cotton ball.

Apply the medicine to cat eyes

If you are going to give your cat eye drops, gently lift the cat’s head and use one or two drops of eye drops. Interval between multiple treatments of approximately 10 minutes so that the first treatment can be absorbed.

If your cat’s eye care professional recommends using an ointment, make sure to use only a few ointments at a time or it will irritate the eyes. Apply it to the corner of the eye or eyelid and gently wipe the eyelid around the cat’s eyes to distribute the ointment evenly.

I hope these quick tips are of great help in avoiding potential cat eye health problems and making your cat a “happy cat.”

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