6 Best Tips For Air Conditioning for More Efficient Home Cooling in the Summer

6 Best Tips For Your Air Conditioner for More Efficient Home Cooling in the Summer

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The Importance of Air Conditioning in Our Homes

The summer heat can be unbearable and it is important that we have a way to cool off. We need our homes to be cool and comfortable for us to enjoy them during the hot days.


Air conditioning, or air conditioning units, are a necessity in most homes. They keep the temperature at a comfortable level so that we can enjoy being in our homes during the summer months.

Basic Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home Cool year-round

Air conditioners are an integral part of our lives. They provide us with the comfort of living in a cool environment, while also saving money on electricity bills.

However, it is important to know how to use an air conditioner and keep it running at optimum performance. If you want to know more about basic air-conditioner maintenance tips, read on!

1. Safety First
Turn off the switch before working on your air conditioning. Be sure to turn off the power to the condenser at the service panel before working on your air conditioner unit. The condenser also typically has a 240-volt weatherproof disconnect box located near the unit. This contains a lever, fuses, or a circuit breaker to shut off the condenser. Be sure to turn this off as well.

2. Clean or Replace the Filters
Clean or replace your furnace or air-handler filters whenever they begin to look clogged with dust. Or, at least twice a year. Not changing these filters will restrict airflow and reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Dust filters also recirculate dust into your home. A clogged filter can cause a full system shutdown.

3. Clean the Air Conditioner’s Condenser Coils
Clean your air conditioning unit’s condenser coils and fan of debris. A central air conditioner’s condenser unit, is typically located outdoors. It is a large fan in a metal box with sides that look like grilles. If your condenser unit was covered during the winter, uncover it. In this case, there’s likely not much debris to clear away. If it wasn’t covered, you’ll likely need to clear away a larger accumulation of leaves, yard debris, and dirt. Air moves across radiator-style condenser coils, so you would want those clean. Check to see if debris has clogged the coils. If so, these coils need to be cleaned with soft pressure and cleaner so your condenser unit works at its highest efficiency. Be careful not to bend the delicate fins or damage the coils.

4. Clean and Drain
If your air conditioning unit has a drain, make sure the drain is clear. Clean the blower’s fan blades using a vacuum or a rag. Clean up any excess water inside the unit.

5. Check the Coolant Lines
Refrigerant tubes or pipes run from your air conditioner’s evaporator on the air handler to the condenser outside. These lines are usually covered with a foam coolant line insulation. Check to see if there are areas where the insulation is frayed or missing. If so, replace it with new foam insulation sleeves.

6. Test the Unit
Test your newly cleaned air conditioning unit after allowing the unit to dry thoroughly. You’ll need to turn the power back on to your condenser unit.

Advanced Tips For Keeping Your House Cool With An Air Conditioning Unit

The following tips should help you to keep your house cool with an air conditioning unit.

1. If the room that you are trying to keep cool is upstairs, use a fan to blow the hot air from the other rooms downstairs.

2. Place a bowl of ice in front of an open window for it to cool down and then place it in front of where you are sitting.

3. Use fans to help circulate the air and not just rely on your AC unit alone for this task.

4. Close off any doors or windows that may be letting in heat from outside sources into your home so that your AC can work more efficiently at keeping your home cool with an AC unit without having to work too hard at it!

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