5 tips from marketing strategist Kyree Hollis on business formation during this pandemic

5 tips from marketing strategist Kyree Hollis on business formation during this pandemic

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Back in March, the world underwent a global lockdown as a result of COVID-19. Several in-person events and companies that rely on physical interactions scrambled to establish themselves during quarantine. Now, as the coronavirus spreads, digital marketing becomes more important than ever, potentially saving businesses alike from market crashes and bankruptcy. With customers staying indoors-and presumably online-digital marketing may as well be any business’ greatest asset at the moment.


Kyree Hollis, digital marketing expert, is helping several entities land on their feet through his focused marketing campaigns.

The Los Angeles-based native has worked with tons of businesses, from entertainment to finance. In our recent chat, the 23-year-old creative breaks down a few tips to help emerging artists rise above the waters. Check out our condensed conversation below.


“During this time, everyone is in panic mode as we were all not prepared for this. We are forced to adapt and continue our life as if this is the new norm. Research problems that have been caused during the pandemic and think of ways to solve them. Look through social media and forums for things that people complain and/or are stressed about.”


“Now that the problem has been identified, it’s time to strategize on how to solve that problem. What product or service can help limit/eliminate this problem? Who is your direct audience? How much capital will it take? How do you plan to hit the market? These are some essential questions to ask in the beginning thoughts of creating this new business venture.”


“Research has been done and the strategy is together. It’s time to take that idea and manifest it. Make sure to take all the proper legal steps to start your business. Hit the market with a thorough marketing plan, brand aligning social media platforms, and an open mind. Upon launch, you may encounter some problems of which you were not prepared for. You must review the problem, adjust, and continue.”


“Now that your business is running smoothly, it’s time to think of ways to expand it. If it’s a product-based business, is that developing further variations of the product? Maybe instead of going directly to the consumer, you can source distribution now that you have analytics and sales. You have created a lane of your own in your respective industry, so there is no actual blueprint. The most important part of this step is reviewing your analytics and planning when to pivot.”

Due to many cancellations and postponements, putting a focus positioning your brand or business as a reliable entity is close to critical. When COVID-19 comes to an end, some will flourish while others will rush to grasp onto new concepts. Hopefully, brands can push their career to new heights with the tips provided by Kyree Hollis.

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